One of the most frequent concerns many people have regarding aesthetics is how to stop the signs of aging. Well, while it’s not uncommon for people to maintain a flawless appearance in their thirties, most begin to notice their look changing even before then. Let us tell you all about how skin treatments can take care of these concerns.

The Importance of Collagen

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The production of collagen and elastin your body produces begins to decrease gradually from the age of twenty.

To fight off or minimize the signs of aging, steps need to be taken to enhance the levels of these substances in your skin.

Although some supplements and changes in your diet can indeed help, the use of skin treatments with radiofrequency and laser produces a more immediate and quick result. These treatments help you increase collagen levels and also take care of several existing skin conditions, whether they are related to age or not.

There are different treatments presented under the outlook of laser and radiofrequency skin rejuvenation and each one works in different ways. It is important to mention that these are divided into four categories known as ultrasound, laser, radiofrequency, and radiofrequency micro-needling.

Skin Rejuvenation with Laser

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These are designed to improve your skin’s texture, mainly aiming to the surface of the skin and the dermis’ upper layer. Using controlled heat, they softly and gently remove the outermost layer of skin, revealing the new layer of skin underneath. As a result, the look is improved, and the stiffness is lessened.

Skin Ultrasound Treatment

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They are considered one of the most effective options for achieving significant skin tightening without surgery. Although this technology is widely associated with pregnancy needs, the energy of this ultrasound is also useful to direct heat in a controlled way.

When you subject yourself to skin ultrasound treatment, it is directed to specific tissues since it can reach deeper layers than most of the other frequently used treatments.

Skin Radiofrequency

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Radiofrequency skin treatments have a similar function to ultrasound therapy. The big difference is that a portable device is used to heat the skin, using radiofrequency waves without reaching too deep into the skin layers.

While this treatment has wonderful results like the others, the lack of depth it can reach means you will require multiple sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Radiofrequency Micro-needling

This is a combined procedure that brings together the radiofrequency waves that are used in RF skin treatments and the microneedle to maximize the quality of the result. Micro-needling matches and creates microscopic channels or holes that are used to stimulate collagen production inside the skin.

It is important to highlight that anyone interested in achieving a more youthful appearance should see a specialist such as a plastic surgeon. These professionals will help you find out what are the necessary treatments for achieving the results you have in mind.