Our Clients - Our Clients

If you are curious to see what we can do for you, perhaps you will benefit from reading about what we have done to fulfil the needs of our previous clients.

Ramona Watson – Age 62

Mrs Watson came to us asking for help as old age had taken a toll on her skin’s elasticity and she also had some scars and marks on her skin. She was starting a new business and wanted to look and feel flawless and thus we proceeded to address this with regular massages and skincare treatments.

The result is a vibrant and energized woman that looks several years younger.

Michael O’Neal – Age 21

This charming Irish man came to us with a terrible acne problem that was making his social anxiety worse every day. We advised him with skincare treatments and meditation routines and nowadays he is a healthy young man with flawless skin, dating, and with a job that he loves.

Sara McFerrin – Age 34

Mrs McFerrin is a mom of four kids that saw the pregnancies harm her once flawless and attractive skin. Our team of experts recommended she’d have anti-cellulite massages and strict skincare routines to get rid of stretchmarks.

After six months of trying our treatments, she had significant improvement and is in love with the way her skin looks.