Going to a spa is a habit that’s had quite the boom in recent years, as it is no longer a fashion but rather a personal care tool that helps to ensure both your mind and body’s well-being.

Normally, you go to the spa to achieve complete relaxation, but visiting one for the first time can be stressful if you don’t know what to wear or under what conditions to go.

Take advantage of the ultimate guide wehave put together for those that are getting ready for a spa day.


Find out how the spa you decided to go to works, as this will allow you to know within what hours and how it is managed. Look into how to request your appointment, since some spas work by appointment and some offer first-time customers a first-served policy.

Dress Comfy

When picking what to wear, it is recommended to choose comfortable and sporty clothing, as you will be provided with a robe, slippers and a towel upon arrival. You may also bring your own. If you want to use certain spa facilities, remember to bring your bathing suit and toiletries.

Eat Light

Try to eat lightly and keep your stomach free of heavy food because feeling the urge to go to the bathroom can interfere with the process of relaxation. This has a negative impact on your spa day.

Arrive Early

Arrive 15 or 20 minutes early and make sure you ask for a beautician, whether female or male, depending on your preference or with whom you feel more comfortable. Remember that it is all about reaching a state of full relaxation and for that, you must feel completely at ease with everything involved.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are well-hydrated while at the spa because water is of great help for both facials and massages. Water helps get rid of toxins that can be released during massages or exfoliation treatments.

Remember that a spa is a place to enjoy and find total relaxation that will be a benefit for your body and mind and get ready appropriately following this easy guide.

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