About Our Company - About Our Company

Refresh Face & Body arises from Eva Baxter’s wonderful idea. She is an Australian girl who was willing to offer the best of the best in health services, based on beauty and skincare.

This same reason led her to hire highly trained professionals and continue training herself to fulfil this project, which materialized in 2003, bringing innovation to the table.

Our Mission

As a comprehensive beauty and health centre, we are dedicated to providing you with the best minimally invasive, simple, effective, and safe beauty treatments.

Hence, helping in the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of each of our clients, providing health and beauty treatments that is in harmony with an emotional transformation.

Our work positions us as pioneers and leaders concerning the health and beautyindustry. We merge quality, innovation, and advanced technology, with excellent and highly valuable human talent that works with great dedication.

We are committed to improving our services with a dedicated discipline, corporate social responsibility, and ethics. We want to ensure that a great focus is held up to the highest standards in the service of beauty.

Our Vision

Being the integral centre of aesthetics and health model for others with full quality certification at national and international levels. Offering the greatest possible variety and innovation in minimally invasive treatments with the best of results.